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A ThreeBond é uma empresa multinacional, que desenvolve as melhores soluções em adesivos, selantes, lubrificantes, travas, colas de borracha, epóxi, entre outras. Oferece ao mercado, produtos de alta qualidade, desenvolvidos com tecnologia japonesa. Tem como missão: servir e satisfazer os clientes, oferecendo-lhes produtos, superando as expectativas.

+55 11 3583-4011
São Paulo, SP - Brasil

Nossa Localização

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The manager may uphold an activity for all the recovery of prices in every judge of competent jurisdiction

The manager may uphold an activity for all the recovery of prices in every judge of competent jurisdiction

725.310 researching and assessment by movie director. (1) For learning violations with this chapter and securing records necessary for the Director of this section of Consumer and companies solutions under this section, the director anytime may explore the financial loans and business, like the books, records, files and files used in the loans and businesses, of any individual certified or expected to getting approved under this part.

(a) A person approved or needed to be licensed under this part shall supply the manager free of charge access to the personA’s place of business, courses, accounts, safes and vaults.

(3) every person examined under this point shall shell out the cost of a study toward manager. [Amended by 1955 c.71 A§12; 1973 c.428 A§3; 1981 c.412 A§14; 1985 c.762 A§127; 1987 c.215 A§15; 1999 c.469 A§6; 2005 c.338 A§24]

725.312 review and study of licensees. (1) Each licensee is actually subject to review of the movie director on the division of customer and Business treatments. The examinations of a licensee shall be conducted only two years apart.

(2) In addition to exams under subsection (1) for this area, the movie director may run examinations of a licensee at some days since the manager deems needed.

(a) The director shall have free access to the place of business and to the books, accounts, safes and vaults of the licensee.

(c) The manager shall have actually expert to examine under oath all people whoever testimony the movie director might need being carry out the assessment. [1987 c.215 A§14]

725.315 treatment or suspension system of policeman of licensee. In the event that manager of this section of buyers and companies Services locates that any policeman or manager of a licensee is actually shady, careless or incompetent, or won’t comply with the law, formula for the director or any written requisite or guidance on the movie director, the movie director may problem an authored order towards the person the removal of or suspending the individual from individualA’s company or position. [1977 c.135 A§52; 1985 c.762 A§128]

725.317 elimination of policeman of licensee for causes reported in ORS 725.145. The manager regarding the office of buyers and companies solutions by purchase may point a licensee to remove a policeman or director of this licensee from workplace for of the reasons stated in ORS 725.145. [1987 c.650 A§16]

725.319 incorrect details in span of research or evaluation prohibited. An individual cannot knowingly give or reason to be provided to the movie director for the section of Consumer and company Services any data or any dental or composed statement or document definitely false in just about any product value, throughout any examination or examination because of the manager under this section. [1987 c.215 A§12]

All this type of guides and data shall be preserved and designed for at least two years after making the best entryway on any financing recorded therein

725.320 Rulings of manager. The movie director on the office of Consumer and Business treatments will make this type of specific rulings, requires and findings because might essential for the proper conduct in the business regulated by this chapter and the administration of the part as well as and never contradictory with this part. [Amended by 1985 c.762 A§129]

The manager shall perform a study of each licensee to determine whether the licensee are complying together with the provisions of the section and formula followed thereunder and also to secure info necessary for the director under this section

725.330 products and reports of licensee. At the mercy of the terms for this part, the Director regarding the Department of customers and Business providers may recommend the form of the products and documents to-be held by licensee. [Amended by 1985 c.762 A§130]

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